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What’s Your Biggest Driving Pet Peeve?

More and more businesses are beginning to see that social media is a very attractive way to become more visible and relevant to your customers. Take advantage of this forum to let people know the interesting events coming up in your shop, show them the latest tricked out vehicle you just worked on, or to say “Happy Birthday!” to your regulars.

One way to “drive traffic” to your page is to post questions that pique interest, then invite a response! Here’s one that I recently asked where the replies were swift and numerous. I posted my own driving pet peeve as a starter and that’s all that was needed to trigger numerous comments. See the sample below.

What’s Your Biggest Driving Pet Peeve?
(MY pet peeve is when people follow too closely. My reaction is to put on my blinkers to get them to back off. I found out later this must be a genetic response because my sister told me she does the same thing!)

Other comments among many were:

“People who put on their blinkers to get me to stop following too close!” (Ok…should I stop doing that?)

“Hanging out in the left passing lane on the interstate, aka Left Lane Losers.”

“Waiting until the last possible minute to merge onto the highway; darting across the solid white line, causing everyone to slam on their brakes.”

“Slow mergers, drivers causing a backup by not letting people merge. Particularly at on ramps.” 

“If I let you in, give me a wave!” Followed by: “When I get flipped off.” (Hate it when that happens!)

“People (and motorcycles) who dart and weave in traffic or otherwise drive recklessly.”

“Waiting for a pedestrian to cross as sloooowly as possible. Put some hustle into it!”

“Eyes not on the road…they are putting on makeup, texting, looking at phone, etc.”

“It is common courtesy that if someone is going faster than you to get over and let them pass!”

“People who are scared to turn right on red when allowed.”

“My biggest pet peeve is when people drive when I drive.”

One of my friends even included something to read. “There’s a great book called, “Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We Do” by Tom Vanderbilt that explains a lot that I recommend.

Asking these kinds of questions will allow you to engage with your customers and to get to know them at a different and important level. They may even find it fun! It’s a great way to help them remember who you are and to check back to see what’s new. I will be very interested to hear back from you as to what kinds of questions you post and what results you get from doing so.

Ann Betts (6 Posts)

Ann Betts was happy to join the talented and vibrant team of individuals at Vital Media in 2013. Ann brings with her many years of experience having worked for WordPerfect, Microsoft, and Muzak. In many of those positions she conducted training seminars and provided technical support to end users. She also comes from a family of "car amateurs and professionals" with one brother who has built a strong reputation with his auto body shop work over the past 20 years. Ann has no "spare time" as she fills it with family, friends, faith, and well, Facebook.

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