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Use It or Lose It

It’s that time of year again when dealers have to make informative decisions on how to utilize their hard earned Michelin business development funds, formerly knows as co-op. You’ve worked hard ALL year, the last thing you want to do is let those funds go to waste! Vital Media has a variety of programs that are ALL 100% eligible for reimbursement, dollar for dollar. Some of the programs we offer are Message On Hold service, dBoard and our latest innovation Menu Plus. I wanted to take this opportunity to give some insight on how valuable these programs can be for tire and automotive shops, and how they can have a positive impact on your business and your bottom line.  

Many managers and owners, wear many hats day in and day out. Allow us to take some of the headache out of finding and implementing marketing programs that can help you sell MORE tires and services. Our programs are focused on enhancing YOUR brand, giving you an opportunity to upsell your customers with everything you have to offer and help you stand out from your competition down the street. Customers are creatures of habit. They will typically go to one shop for an oil change, another for tires and somewhere else for mechanical work. These programs are designed to help you cast a wider net, and let customers know that your business is a 1-stop shop for ALL of your customers automotive needs.

Message On Hold

Customers are calling you for a reason…they want to find out more about who you are and what you do. One of the worst things a business can do to retain callers is having dead silence when customers call in and get placed on hold. In todays world, when most people call with their cell phones, if a caller is placed on a silent hold for more than 30 seconds they will begin to wonder if the call has dropped and potentially move on to the next auto shop on the list. Our Message On Hold service is a great way to increase your caller retention, advertise who you are by promoting the products and services you offer and DRIVE REVENUE! Dealers spend thousands of dollars to get customers in the door, but most will call first. This is where our on hold service can really assist the other forms of advertising already in place by not allowing callers to hang up on dead silence.  

 Digital Signage (dBoard & Menu Plus)

Ok, you’ve done a great job with other areas of advertising to get the customer in the door, now what? Most shops have a flurry of posters, cardboard cut outs and signs on the wall promoting services or specials. Allow us to take this concept to the next level. Our digital signage products are point of purchase advertising solutions designed to help you promote the products, services and specials you have going on with next level animation. If a customer has a choice of what may grab their attention more, a poster on the wall or an HD screen with captivating content letting them know why it’s important to have YOU (their trusted service advisor) maintain their factory scheduled maintenance for their vehicle vs. taking it back to the dealership. I think the answer is easy. Our digital signage programs are designed to be a computerized salesperson, always on during business hours helping you be the expert with your customer’s vehicle. Click the image below to get more information. 


Vital Media has been working with tire and auto shops for over 14 years. We’re in the business of helping companies compete with the big box stores and enhancing the TRUST between you and your customer. Nearly 1/3 of our own customers report having an increase of tire sales between $11K – $17K annually from promos (7 scheduled in 2015) and a 10% annual increase of service sales, just by having Vital Media products.  

We’re experts in the industry and we have a standing no contract policy. Allow us to be a stepping stone in helping you take your shop to the next level with our 100% MAST eligible programs. March 31st will be here before you know it! 

Please visit us online at for more information OR better yet, give us a call! 866-863-3426


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Kevin is Charlotte native, graduated from Appalachian State University with a degree in Information Systems. He's happily married with 2 kids and an avid sports fan for his Panthers, Tarheels, Braves & Hornets. He's been with Vital Media since 2008 & passionate about empowering independent dealers to succeed.

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