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A Simple Step to Generate Trust

Want to know a simple way to get your customer’s to trust you?

Speak simply.

It may seem obvious, but according to psychologists, recommending a service in terms that a customer is already familiar with will result in that suggestion seeming safer, and the person making the suggestion more trustworthy.

The more experienced we are with something, the more likely we are to like it.

But, if the familiar is safe, then something new can appear uncertain and risky. So when a customer hears a bunch of automotive jargon and a price tag – no matter how honest your intentions are, they are less likely to trust what you’re saying.

What can we learn from this familiarity bias?

  1. New customers need things presented in terms they’re familiar with in order to build that initial trust. If their first experience in your shop is filled with the unfamiliar, you’ll likely lose their business the next time their car needs a repair.

  1. The more you can hack your customer’s brain using their familiarity bias, the greater chance you have of increasing your loyal and repeating customer base.

  1. Think about how this affects your marketing. Are you presenting potential customers with complicated models or images with over-technical copy? Or are you presenting your shop and services in ridiculously easy to understand terms with simple icons?

Trust plays a critical role in the automotive aftermarket. Make sure you’re doing everything possible to increase yours.

Douglas Webb (2 Posts)

Visual Content Director

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