February 2015

Do Your Customers Trust You?

While we build telephone message on-hold and in-store digital signage and digital menu board programs specifically for the automotive industry, the problem we’re really trying to solve in the space is trust. We want to facilitate and build trust between the dealers (our customers) and the drivers (your customers). It’s a consideration in every decision we make. Trust and of course, our impact on the financial fitness of our customers.

Our research shows that drivers have less and less interest in how their car works. What they care about is having a dealer they can trust. So we focus our attention on tools and a very thoughtful content strategy that puts our dealers in a position to win and keep the hearts and minds of their drivers. A strategy that makes the dealer the trusted expert. Not a gadget. We’re passionate about developing customer loyalty for our dealers. Customers that return year after year. Not just a higher ticket price.

We’re constantly on the look out for new and innovative ways to do this.  But we’re mindful of the “classics”, too. Take a look at this article Show Don’t Tell and leave a quick comment below. Do you take drivers out to the vehicle while it’s on the lift? Why or why not?


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